Where is he ? Here he is !

Casper (Mikkelsen) MÜLLER spending our
money with his accomplice Maibrit

Bernie Madoff,
Casper’s mentor & BFF

We actually do know where he is, and we also know where he has been! You can share with Casper and his fair maiden Maibrit Christiansen many of their travel pics at the bottom of this page!

Casper has certainly been a naughty little boy over the past 10 years, but let’s take a close look at what he’s done just over the past two years.

While all of his clients were eagerly awaiting the posting of the daily trades on the GNTFX website, Casper and his accomplice Maibrit Christiansen were busy travelling around the world on your dime.

Considering all the travelling that they did, it is a miracle that Casper had the time to post all those fake trades to the GNTFX website. But, with a little help from his friends like Robert Andersen, post them he did.

To give you an idea of his travels, he was in Bali with Maibrit in October of 2016. Then they spent the months of November and December in Thailand, and of course, for Christmas, Casper flew his parents, Jan and Else Marie Mikkelsen, on your dime, to join them in Bali and Thailand. Such a wonderful son!

In January of 2017, Casper and Maibrit went on a wonderful journey to Australia. And of course, once you’re in that part of the world, why not hop over to New Zealand to spend a wonderful summer month of February there? You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!

Of course there were many other exotic places they visited, such as Singapore, Hong Kong & New York City where they absolutely enjoyed spending your money. Most recently, they had an incredible vacation in the Philippines! They just flew back to Denmark (First Class, no doubt) last Tuesday, December 5, where they hope to spend Christmas with their family and friends this year. But we can never rule out a little skiing stopover in the Alps!

But now Casper, it’s time for you and Maibrit to learn that Karma can be a real Bitch. Your life, as you have known it is about to change forever. It’s called a reality check.


Many of us have lost a lot of money with Casper Mikkelsen, and unfortunately we cannot afford to travel to such exotic places.  BUT…. Thanks to the marvelous wonders of social media and digital photography where criminals easily slip up, we can now share in the wonders of the world where the spending of our money was documented by Casper and Maibrit.

Below you can see them in all their splendour, travelling First Class and enjoying the wonders of the world. There are also many pics of truly exotic dishes, and it is a wonder that the two of them are not pigs physically as well as mentally. Thank God they both have personal trainers (they really do) to keep them trim and fit, so we can all share their beautiful photos.

Part of their travels included:

  • October 2016 - Bali
  • November & December 2016 - Thailand (Xmas with his parents)
  • January 2017 - Thailand & Australia
  • February 2017 - Australia & New Zealand
  • May 2017 - New York City
  • June, July, September & October 2017 - The Philippines
  • October 2017 - Tokyo
  • October & November 2017 - Hong Kong & the Philippines

Here they are in all their greed. Click the little red arrow in the middle to start the slideshow and automatically scroll through all 444 pics …

Casper Mikkelsen a/k/a Brian Thomson a/k/a Carsten Nielsen and Maibrit Christiansen


As of this day, despite all his protests that GNTFX stole all his money, this son-of-a-bitch is still working with GNTFX to scam more money from more people.

There is a lot more information coming detailing and confirming the lies of this con-artist.

The GNTFX scam was a Casper Mikkelsen creation along with other cronies to deliberately scam clients’ of their hard earned money.

Contact us at StopCasperMikkelsen@gmail.com

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